ООО "Полимер"

Limited Liability Company Scientific-Production Enterprise «ES Polimer» ( «ES Polymer Ltd.») created in 2001 in the city of Artemovsk Donetsk region.                         The main activity of the company is designing and manufacturing:                         • polymeric insulating structures for 35-750 kV transmission lines;                         • support insulators for outdoor installation 10-150 kV for electric vehicles, open switching stations and substations;                         • insulator voltage 3.3 kV of contact network and DC voltage of 27.5 kV catenary AC railways;                         • surge arresters for the catenary, power transmission lines, substation equipment with voltage up to 110 kV AC.                         The design capacity of the enterprise - 150 thousand pieces of insulators per year with an option to increase the volume of production and nomenclature..                         Availability of scientific research base and highly qualified experts allows the company, according to the customer as soon as possible to design an insulation product to optimize the technical and economic characteristics of the design, design documentation for the product and the technology of its production and start mass production and delivery of products to the customer.                         The products are manufactured according to specifications that are designed in accordance with the interstate standards GOST 28856-90, GOST 30284-97, standards of Ukraine SDA MPE, SDA MPE and taking into account the requirements of IEC International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC ) 61109, IEC (IEC) 60009-4. The company operates a ISO 9001-2000 quality management system, products have been certified in the state system UkrSEPRO. Products manufactured in the highly productive equipment with the use of high quality raw materials of leading European manufacturers. For the production of insulators used injection molding machines of the company «KLOCKHER DESMA ELASTOMERTECHNIK» (Germany), crimping machines of the company «FINN-POWER» (Switzerland) and other equipment of leading foreign firms, which allows you to fully automate basic processes of manufacturing insulators.                         OOO NPP "ES Polymer" has an accredited laboratory, fully equipped testing facilities for the input of raw materials and the control and acceptance testing of finished products, conduct research work.                         Since 2002, the company produced and sold more than 305 thousand. Insulators and surge arresters for the Ukrainian railways, power lines, and the main electric networks. There is a successful experience of participation in tenders (public procurement), and sales of products in Ukraine. During the operation of the enterprise a single complaint on the quality of our products have been reported. There are positive responses from consumers (copy enclosed).

The latest production technology operating at the enterprise quality management ISO 9001: 2000 system can produce high quality products with stable performance.                         Manufactured products are certified in Ukraine and Russia, it is protected by patents in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.                         Polymer insulators have many advantages compared with glass and porcelain:                         - Have a high resistance to surface electrical discharges, solar radiation, dust, pollution;                         - Have a high resistance to temperature changes, humidity, shock mechanical loads, including executions, operational, electrical and mechanical stress;                         - Maintain a high value of surface resistivity - under identical operating conditions, the figure is 3-4 times higher than that of glass;                         - Maintain a high electrical resistance when exposed to lightning and switching surges without changing them, even after repeated overlapping, accompanied by a power arc;                         - Vlagorazryadnye voltage polymeric insulators in service, twice as high as in a garland of glass insulators with equal creepage distance, in service in the same conditions;                         - Have a high hydrophobicity and low contamination disposition of insulating surfaces, do not require washing, cleaning, deffektirovki, preventive maintenance;                         - Have a significantly lower weight (10-15 times) than glass and porcelain;                         - Easy to install, transport and use;                         - The price of composite insulators is lower than a garland of glass and porcelain insulators with the same voltage.                         The bulk of the polymeric insulators produced in the CIS countries, made way porebernoy assembly: applying sealant edges of the silicone rubber to the fiberglass rod and gluing of these edges to each other, that does not guarantee a high quality connection between them and the stem, while there is a possibility of penetration of atmospheric moisture to Glass-plastic rod, and, as a consequence, reduction of dielectric insulator characteristics.                         Technology NPP «ES Polymer" allows us to produce the insulating member with cast insulating jacket to length, with a compound of silicon membrane with fiber-glass rod is carried out at the molecular level that guarantees the quality of the connection of the rod with the shell and prevents the penetration of moisture to the web. This ensures high reliability and durability - more than 30 years.
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